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About Us

Mandala Agrifresh: Saving Food, Saving Resources

At Mandala Agrifresh, we are committed to building a sustainable agriculture supply chain management system in Nepal by addressing the critical issue of food loss. Our goal is to introduce post-harvest management technologies, reduce post-harvest food loss, and enable farmers to reach distant markets by keeping the produce fresh for longer. We believe that a more efficient and sustainable supply chain will benefit all supply chain actors, including farmers and end-consumers.

Food loss is a significant problem in Nepal, with many estimates suggesting that 30-40% of fresh produce is lost before it is consumed. This not only negatively impacts farmers and consumers, but also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and inefficient use of vital production resources.

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of small-scale farmers and agri-businesses. We offer a range of low-cost post-harvest solutions, including improvised cold storage (ICS) and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) bags, that help to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. In addition to our innovative solutions, we also offer consulting services to farmers and agri-businesses to help them adopt best practices for post-harvest management. Our team of experts works closely with all supply chain actors to ensure that our post-harvest management technologies are being used effectively, and that the entire supply chain is functioning efficiently.

Our solutions and consulting services have had a positive impact on farmers across Nepal. By extending the shelf life of their produce, farmers have been able to increase their incomes and take advantage of new market opportunities. Increasing the efficiency of the supply chain has also increased the availability and affordability of fresh produce for the consumers. And by reducing food loss, we are contributing to a more sustainable agriculture supply chain that benefits everyone.

At Mandala Agrifresh, we are dedicated to tackling food loss and building a sustainable agriculture industry in Nepal. Join us in our mission to reduce post-harvest loss and build a more sustainable supply chain management system. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative low-cost post-harvest management technologies.