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Ethylene Absorber Sachets: Extend Shelf Life and Quality of Fresh Produce

Fresh produce starts to deteriorate after harvest, releasing ethylene gas and water vapor. This build-up of ethylene gas can increase the rate of ripening, leading to faster spoilage and rotting of fresh produce. Our ethylene absorber sachets contain a unique composition mixture of zeolite powder and potassium permanganate, which effectively absorbs ethylene gas and moisture while inhibiting bacterial growth. Ethylene absorber sachets are the perfect solution to extend the shelf life of fresh produce and reduce spoilage. Simply place the sachets with the fresh produce during storage, shipping, and transportation, and see the difference in the freshness and quality of your products.


Slows down the ripening process and extends the shelf life of fresh produce.

Controls spoilage and quality degradation caused by ethylene gas.

Absorbs excessive moisture, reducing the risk of mold and decay.

Inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring the safety and freshness of the produce.

Easy to use during storage, shipping, and transport and cold storage.

Nature-friendly, made up of natural minerals, chemically inert, and non-toxic.

Can be decomposed of as normal waste, making them environmentally friendly.