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Extend Fresh Produce Shelf Life with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Bags

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is the practice of manipulating the atmosphere surrounding the fresh produce within a package to significantly increase its post-harvest shelf life. It is a well-proven post-harvest technology that is able to decrease the respiration rate of fresh produce to extend the shelf life. MAP works by reducing the concentration of oxygen (O2) and increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels inside the package. This is achieved through the natural respiration of the fresh produce, which consumes (O2) and produces (CO2) to reach equilibrium, which slows down the respiration of the fresh produce, therefore extending the shelf life. Furthermore, MAP also helps to maintain ideal relative humidity inside the package, which prevents weight loss, wilting and shriveling of harvested produce.


Slows down the ripening process.

Reduces moisture loss, wilting and dehydration.

Blocks the mode of action and biosynthesis of ethylene.

Reduces decay and rotting by directly inhibiting the growth of pathogens.

Slows the yellowing of green tissues by preventing chlorophyll degradation.

Nature-friendly, made up of natural minerals, chemically inert and non-toxic.

Biodegradable and can be disposed as normal waste.

Suitable for fruits, vegetables, and flowers

Packaging fresh produce in a MAP bag can increase the shelf life of fresh produce and reduce weight loss by up to five times (depending of produce).

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